Gabrielle Ozma

Valley Girl who breaks goods more than she busts ghosts


Gabrielle is a fan-favorite Ghostbuster from the Los Angeles franchise.

While having no college education, advanced knowledge of the paranormal or similar experience, Gabrielle has become a small celebrity constantly making appearances in the media, at conventions and on internet sites.

Even though Gabrielle has filed more insurance claims on damaged property and has the lowest ghost catching rate in the company, she is the most requested Ghostbuster, is often the leader in online most popular Ghostbuster polls and is almost always trending on Twitter.

Ghostbusting may not be her passion, but if there’s a large payout to be made, she will give it her all. When not trapping ghosts, Gabrielle will be using her assests to win poker games and watching countless hours of soap opera romances.


Gabrielle Ozma

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