Tobin's Spirit Guide

tobinbook.jpgTobin’s Spirit Guide by John Horace Tobin is a book cataloging various known ghosts, goblins, spooks, spectres, and demons that is often used as a reference guide by the Ghostbusters whenever they fight an unfamiliar entity or to find information on a ghost they are trying to defeat. Egon and Ray refer to it so frequently they may have entire sections memorized. Copies of the book have been shown to be available in hardback, paperback, PDF and most recently website.


The first edition was published in October of 1920 and has since become the authoritative source of information about the denizens of the etheric plane. While Tobin’s Spirit Guide was the most trusted source of the supernatural, it remained relatively unknown except for a small niche audience of ghost enthusiasts.

It wasn’t until the mid 1980s when the Ghostbusters gained international attention after preventing Gozer The Gozerian from destroying the earth. A second edition was printed when interest in the paranormal increased due to the Ghostbuster’s popularity. A third edition was published after the Ghostbuster resurgence in the 1990s when they faced Vigo the Carpathian and Ivo Shandor.

In 2004, The works of John Horace Tobin became public domain. While No one knows what happened to Tobin after the book was published, his death was treated as confirmed when the Tobin estate was purchased in 1934.

tobinupdate.jpgGhostbusters International began to publish yearly updates under the Tobin’s Spirit Guide name with Ray Stanz as author. They have been moderatley successful and has given validity to the field of parapsychology in the academic world.

Digital and Web Formats

Computerized versions of Tobin’s Spirit Guide were very rare during the infancy of personal computers. The very low demand combined with technological limitations made them scarce and expensive. The Ghostbusters made their own Database with Tobin’s entries in them and experimented with it during the early 1990s, but a searchable database didn’t become standard until after GBI was able to invest in a solid program after Tobin’s Spirit Guide became public domain.

With the freedom of public domain, Searchable PDFs were created to help chostbusters research ghosts on location through laptops and tablet devices.

tobin.pngBy 2008, the website was launched to increase efficiency in franchise research into paranormal activities and to help the general public identify whether or not they were dealing with the supernatural.

by 2010, the mobile version of was launched to accomidate smartphone and tablet use by ghostbusting franchises.

Tobin's Spirit Guide

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