Dark Matter Generator

Dark MatterThe Dark Matter Generator collects invisible dark matter particles and projects them through the Neutrona Wand, either in high-damage shotgun-like blasts, or as a condensed order-reversing beam to slow or even paralyze spectral entities for easier capture.


The most advanced piece of technology that the ghostbusters ever made. Piece of art, marvel of technology and science. The Dark Matter Generator creates exotic particles, these “Dark Matter” particles are alien to our universe, thus makes them highly unstable and dangerous to use. But their equine proprieties make it one of the best way to fight ghosts and maybe one day they can be used to destroy them for good.

In reality, dark matter comprises close to 23% of the observable universe’s matter-energy content, and is invisible to emitted or scattered electromagnetic energy. However, its effects can be studied through its gravitational effects on mass around it. Most dark matter is non-baryonic, meaning it contains no atoms and does not interact with conventional matter through electromagnetic force. Comprised of neutrinos and hypothetical elements like axions and super-symmetric particles, dark matter can pass through conventional matter with little effect.

Dark matter absorbs energy from the spectral entities it’s exposed to by way of the weak nuclear force, stripping away their PK Energy by reacting with it. In the case of the Stasis Stream, such a reaction causes their physical component (ectoplasm) to temporarily crystallize, slowing or ‘freezing’ a PKE Entity altogether.


Shock Blast: The Shock Blast expels a conical pattern of stripped dark matter particles that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. It is very powerful at close range but less accurate and less potent the further you are from your target. It works well on inbound ghosts and vapor swarms or near-proximity entities. In essence, the Shock Blast is comparable to a shotgun, excelling at dealing extreme damage in close proximity, but rapidly losing its effectiveness over distance. The spread of dark-matter particles makes the Shock Blast a preferred weapon when dealing with quick-moving entities

Stasis Stream: The Stasis Stream emits a high capacity stream of order-reversing particles that hypobond to ectoplasmic matter, effectively immobilizing ghosts. The Stasis Stream has nothing to do with cold, but the end result is similar.

Dark Matter Generator

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