Composite Particle System

CompositeParticleSystemprofile.pngAlmost all of the Ghostbusting Equipment was used or designed for capturing Ghosts. This posed a problem when dealing with the un-dead, demons and other Ecto-Protoplasmic-base hybrids or semi-organic entities of supernatural origins (Vampires, Zombies, etc…), so Egon fashioned a weapon to combat these non-spectral, supernatural, corporeal organisms. Thus the Composite Particle System was born. The Composite Particle System, or CPS for short, is designed to weaken or ‘rekill’ these supernatural, corporeal lifeforms with supercharged meson plasma pulses, simple yet effective (all relatively speaking of course).


Meson Collider: The Meson Collider releases a hyper-collided, long-range stream of particles that will vaporize any ectoplasmic material in its trajectory. The spread is limited but intensely focused, making it great for long and medium distance creatures. When a target is hit with the Meson Collider a temporary targeting indicator is left behind. As long as it lasts, this indicator will serve as a homing target for projectiles launched using the Meson Collider’s secondary fire mode, the Overload Pulse. Please avoid tagging yourself with a homing target. Though it is funny when it happens to someone else, being the recipient of boomeranging Overload Pulse particles is not nearly as amusing when it happens to you.

Overload Pulse: Extending the Proton Pack’s ring accelerator helix increases the surface area of the collider’s radiator. Though a secondary stabilizer is required to maintain quark/anti quark balance, the resulting meson stream recharge acceleration provides a noticeable rate of fire increase.

Composite Particle System

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