Egon Spengler

Egon Spengler is a tall, laconic, bespectacled, awkward member of the team responsible for the main theoretical framework for their paranormal/quantum studies. Being addicted to science, he is the creator of the Ghostbusters’ equipment along with Raymond Stantz, thus making him the brains of the Ghostbusters.Egon

Egon is bookish and socially awkward. In his spare time he collects spores, molds, and fungus. He doesn’t express his emotions well and has described himself as “always serious.”


Egon was very interested in paranormal phenomenon, even while working with both Raymond Stantz and Peter Venkman at the University. He and Ray studied paranormal literature in their spare time, and were interested in theories of reincarnation. Egon was usually the first to interview case subjects-adding to their mantra, “We’re ready to believe you.”

Egon also developed the technology behind the P.K.E. meter, the proton pack, the trap and the Storage facility. He was also aware of the danger of crossing the streams. He spent a lot of time focusing on the stability of the Storage facility, and was concerned about the possibilities of a PKE surge of dangerous proportions. After their encounter with Stay Puft, Egon suggested an atypical solution when he recommended blasting Gozer’s dimensional portal while crossing the proton streams to reverse the particle flow and send Gozer back to her/its dimension.

Egon once tried to drill a hole in his own head, (A process known as Trepanation.) which “would have worked” if Venkman hadn’t stopped him. Five years after the events of the first film, the Ghostbusters went their separate ways. Egon was conducting experiments on human emotions. A negative test involved keeping a couple with marriage problems locked in a room for hours and gradually raising the temperature. A positive test involved a girl in a room with dozens of stuff animals and a puppy

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Egon Spengler

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