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Welcome to the team! We hope you’re ready to face the exciting and perilous challenges that await as you exterminate paranormal threats to keep your community safe.

That is why Ghosbusters Human Resources (GBHR) has developed a resource to help recruits with current company news and events, profiles of key figures and fellow employees, and databases of ghosts and spirits in need of special information. To get you started, look through the page option on the “Wiki Page Link Lookup” list at the right hand side.

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key figures: Detailed information on important people you will encounter during your employment with Ghosbusters International.

Employees: Profiles on fellow members on your team. In such a fast-paced work environment, it may help new recruits get to know each other in a short amount of time.

Ghosts: Although this is no replacement for or but its important to keep a log of ghosts and spirits that we have encountered for various purposes.

Equipment: Ghostbusting equipment has evolved since the original proton pack was conceived 28 years ago. Take the time to get use to the tools needed to do the job.

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