Peter Venkman

Venkman Peter was considered to be the “lazy” Ghostbuster. He doesn’t usually take his work seriously, is very sarcastic and flirts with women. While Peter is a scientist, he isn’t as experienced or academically inclined as Egon and Ray, and also tended to be more aggressive when fighting ghosts.


Peter Venkman was a professor working with Egon Spengler and Raymond Stantz at the New York University. The three of them were researching the supernatural, but unlike his partners, Peter wasn’t as enthusiastic about the supernatural. The three of them were soon fired from the University after their funding was cut, though Peter seemed happy to look for new opportunities, whatever they may be. After being fired, the three of them decided to build some advanced paranormal equipment and go into a career of freelance ghost catching.

Peter encouraged and prodded Ray to mortgage his house in order to find the capital needed to purchase the Firehouse. Whether motivated by the prospect of becoming rich or just the fact that he no longer had to work under the thumb of the board of regents, Dr. Venkman was very motivated to begin a new career. Peter soon became the first to meet the company’s first client, Dana Barrett and formed a romantic interest.

Dana had claimed that there was another dimension within her fridge, though Peter could not find any such thing. Peter soon formed a relationship with Dana, but it was soon interrupted when Dana started acting strange and floating in the air. Peter soon learned from Egon that he her building was built on top of an ancient ritual ground and she was being possessed by Zuul, the Gatekeeper of Gozer. The Ghostbusters confront and defeat Gozer in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (which Ray had been thinking of).

In the years since, was described as being borderline (manic) until he eventually, “crossed the border.” Peter became the host of a psychic reality talkshow. While his teammates discovered a river of slime underneath the city, Peter tried to renew his relationship with Dana, whose baby was being targeted by the ghost of Lord Vigo. Peter and his team in the end defeated Vigo and saved the city once again.

In 1991, He met and fell in love with Ilyssa Selwyn, who turned out to be the direct ascendant of Ivo Shandor, the occultist, scientist, and architect who originally intended to call down Gozer the Gozerian the first time.

Current Times

After the second defeat of Gozer and the downfall of Shandor, Venkman’s participation in ghostbusting began to dwindle. By the mid to late 90s when franchises started to form, he started spending more time traveling to different states to promote franchise openings.

In 2000, Peter retired his proton pack became the director of promotions for Ghostbusters International. He was the official face and connection the media outlets and continues to use social media outlets today.

Peter Venkman

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