proton pack

Proton Pack
The Proton pack is the primary ghost capturing device the ghostbusters use. Designed by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, the proton pack counters the negative energy which ghosts are made of with a proton stream (a stream of positively charged ions) which can harness a ghost. The proton stream is very dangerous and barely controllable. Egon has also mentioned that crossing proton streams will result in total protonic reversal causing every molecule in a users body to explode at the speed of light.

Function and Use

The Proton Packs are unique, for they are the only piece of technology in the world that has the ability to strip Electrons away from Protons. It has a hand-held wand known as a “Neutrona Wand” (also called a proton gun or particle thrower) connected to a backpack-sized particle accelerator. The proton pack, also referred to as a charged particle accelerator, functions by using a miniature cyclotron to concentrating protons by channeled though a “positron collider” and then to the neutrona wand, emitting way-fire positronic ionized stream of proton energy that polarizes with the negatively charged ectoplasmic entities which held them in the stream while active even if they are out of phase with reality (basically, this description is technobabble).
Nutrina wand
In practical terms, the proton gun fires a stream of energy that allows a wielder to snare a ghost. The stream reacts to ghost energy and uses that energy to hold the ghost in place so it can be positioned above a trap for capture. It does not even matter if the ghost goes invisible or intangible because even if they do their energy is still there only not as in phase with the rest of the world. The stream will neutralize their invisible or phaseshift ability, than force them back in sync with our reality and then snare them ready for capture.


Blast Stream:
Using the Proton Pack’s particle accelerator, the Neutrona Wand releases a concentrated stream of protons that fluctuates as it reaches its target. The fluctuations of the Blast Stream tend to cause extensive property damage.

Capture Stream:
The properties of the proton stream are altered so that the beam will coil and arc around its target, rather than blast it directly. With the proton stream on this setting, ghosts can be corralled into a Trap, and heavy objects can be moved out of the way.

Secondary Systems

proton pack

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